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All in all it went well and Im so glad to have my 2000 D2 A8 running like a champ again. The transmission was in superb condition just as foreseen -- EH
Tech Article

Audi D2 A8 Turn Signals not Working at All

Last Updated: 02/23/2017
Parts Group: Directional indicator/emergency flasher relay
This article discusses the turn signal relay for the D2 Audi A8 (1997 through 2002) with the main focus being on using that to chase the problem of the turn signals (directional indicators) not working at all even though the hazard warning (a.k.a. emergency flasher) system does -- and these two systems use the same light bulbs and much of the same wiring. It's a perplexing problem.

If you're not here for the technical analysis but would rather buy a used unit from us, guaranteed to work and fit, then please select the link below.The information herein is based on my own 1998 car.

We first suspected a fuse. We studied the fuse diagram (which is in the owner’s manual) and didn’t see any reference to the indicator lights as distinct from the hazard warning lights.

We looked for a faulty relay, and read that we should be looking for either a relay marked with "21" or a relay marked with "191." We found neither in the passenger side footwell, and we found "191" in the driver side footwell area. Swapping it with a known-to-be-good unit, from one of our other 1998 Audi D2 A8 cars, didn’t solve the problem..

We suspected the steering column next; either something in the stalk-based switch or a connector problem in the wiring leading up to the steering column. It occurred to us that this wiring might be routed via a fuse, even though the fuse box legend didn’t identify a fuse that might have such a role.

We focused on another 1998 Audi D2 A8 car with working turn signal lights and while these were flashing, we pulled out fuses until the turn signal lights stopped working. This meant we'd found the culprit fuse.

As it turns out, a fuse in the passenger footwell fuse box also handled the current feed to the turn signal lights circuit. We checked the manual again, yet we still saw no reference to turn signal lights. The manual states, for the relevant fuse: "instrument illumination, front cigarette lighter, glove compartment, rear ashtrays, air conditioner controls, telephone, license plate lights and tail lights in rear lid, fog light relay."

The relevant fuse is the third one from the left, in the red bank, which is the second row from the top. It's a 10 amp fuse, and sure enough, on the car with the problem, that fuse was blown. We put in a good fuse, and now our silver chariot is nicely road-worthy again, with working turn signals (and, no surprise: working instrument illumination, front cigarette lighter, etc.)

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