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All in all it went well and Im so glad to have my 2000 D2 A8 running like a champ again. The transmission was in superb condition just as foreseen -- EH
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Audi D2 A8 Front Fender Plastic Splash Guards

Last Updated: 03/03/2019
Parts Group: Fender plastic splash guard
This article discusses the front fender plastic splash guards a.k.a. wheelhouse liner for the D2 Audi A8 (1997 through 2002) with the main focus being on removal as a prelude to removing the front bumper. If you're not here for the technical analysis but would rather buy a used unit from us, guaranteed to work and fit, then please select the link below.The information herein is based on my own 1998 and 2000 cars.

I am getting ready to remove the front bumper from my 1998 Audi A8 Quattro, in preparation for some timing belt work. Normally the rear lip of the bumper snugs up just rearward of the front lower part of the fender splash guard. That creates a nice, tight seal. That’s good. What’s not so good is that it blocks the bumper from being pulled forward, as is part of the bumper removal process.

I do a fair amount of work on D2 Audi A8 Quattro cars, and I notice how often the fender plastic splash guard is torn right where the top part of the rear lip of the bumper is.

I would guess that whoever worked on it at the time ripped the guard while trying to get the outer edge of this part to go behind the rearmost lip of the bumper, without first loosening the guard.

The better way is to first loosen the guard. That elegantly solves the entire problem, and it is an easy process that only requires removal of the relevant wheel, three nuts, one Philips screw, three rivets and two dowel pins. That might sound like a lot of work but it’s not.

In preparation of the work, I like to order from Audi the various small bits and pieces that are involved with the project. They’re inexpensive, and having them on hand prevents me from having to pause the project because I broke or lost a fastener. To make the ordering process easier (assuming the items are still available) I have identified the various Audi part numbers. If you need to replace a fender plastic splash guard, good news – I do sell used units.

First, we jack up the car, put a jack stand in place, and remove the front wheel. We use a 17 mm socket for that, plus an impact ratchet, breaker bar, ratchet or whatever gets the lug bolts loose.

The fender plastic splash guard is physically in two separate pieces: a forward piece and a completely separate rearward piece. To remove the front bumper, only the forward piece needs to be removed.

The fender plastic splash guards are identical for all D2 models from 1997 through the last of the D2 models built or sold new in 2003. Specific part numbers:

Driver side forward piece: 4D0821171J
Passenger side forward piece: 4D0821172J
Driver side rearward piece: 4D0821191
Passenger side rearward piece: 4D0821192

At the center outer top of the fender well opening is a small Phillips screw. We remove that. It’s part number N90250001.

Directly below it is something I call a plastic washer; Audi calls it a clip. That’s part number 443821699.

We remove the three 10 mm black plastic nuts (part number 171201969) that fit onto studs protruding from the body. If a nut is on too tight, this is a good place for caution so as to not shear off the stud. I’ve done that. To replace a stud is not an easy fix. Two of the nuts are near each other, by the brake lines. A third nut is higher up.

At the front lower lip of the guard we detach the two large dowel pins (part number 4A0805121A) that pull the lower splash plate (part number 4D0863823BT) against the front lower edge of the fender plastic splash guard.

On the pre-2000 cars, we hit a small flat punch into the center of each of the three plastic rivets (part number 4D0807300) to push the central shaft through, so that the rivet base is no longer expanded and can be removed from the hole. On post-2000 cars, the plastic rivets have a different type of structure. I have yet to figure out a clean way of removing them.

Now that all the fasteners have been removed from the forward piece of the guard, we pull it free of the three studs from which the nuts were removed. The forward piece of the guard can then be moved around much more freely. Its lower front edge can be moved behind the rear edge of the bumper, so that the guard no longer prevents the bumper from moving forward.

Though rarely necessary, removing the rearward piece is similar, except:
- In addition to the small Phillips screw at the outer top of the fender well opening, there is an identical such screw at the outer rearmost bottom of the fender well opening.
- Instead of three 10 mm black plastic nuts there are six of them, with some at the bottom of the car.
- There are fewer than three plastic rivets involved.
- There are no dowel pins involved.
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