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All in all it went well and Im so glad to have my 2000 D2 A8 running like a champ again. The transmission was in superb condition just as foreseen -- EH
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Audi D2 A8 Transmission shift cable variations

Last Updated: 09/01/2020
Parts Group: Transmission shift cable
This article discusses the transmission shift cable for the D2 A8 & S8 2000 and on with the main focus being on variations between pre and post facelift models. If you're not here for the technical analysis but would rather buy a used unit from us, guaranteed to work and fit, then please select the link below.

Regarding the transmission shift cable for the Audi D2 A8, I was tasked with finding compatibility for a cable assembly from a known donor car. No part number was discernible on the cable but given the donor information along with the option codes I was able to find out what the OEM part numbers are for these parts. This cable is made up of three components: A rear cable (4D0713265N), a front cable (4D0713266C), and a bracket/abutment (8D0713281C). The bracket has the part number stamped on it and has multiple applications beyond the D2 A8, such as the C5 A6. The cables, on the other hand, are exclusive to the D2 A8. The rear cable composes the bulk of the assembly and is seemingly compatible with both pre and post facelift models. The front cable, however, explicitly states that it's exclusive to the 2000 and on post facelift D2.

I have observed that while the front and rear cables are separate part numbers and were available as new parts separate from each other, all used parts seem to be sold as an assembly of the two cables with and without the abutment bracket. This leads me to believe that there is no reason why the front and lower cable should be separated, or even if they could be separated after being mated. We lack an on hand example of a pre-facelift part to do a visual comparison of in order to see why the front cables might be incompatible across the 1999/2000 model year split. Even more confusing is that listed compatibility among other vendors appears to be all over the place. Some cable assemblies are advertised as pre-facelift only, some are advertised as good for the whole run of the car. It's obvious that further investigation must be done by us, as soon as an adequate comparison part is available. Until then our observations are inconclusive.

Thus, we offer this part on hand currently with guaranteed compatibility only for post facelift (2000 onward) D2 A8 & S8 models.
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