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All in all it went well and Im so glad to have my 2000 D2 A8 running like a champ again. The transmission was in superb condition just as foreseen -- EH
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N/AAudi D2 A8 Fuse Box General InformationThis article discusses the fuse box for the D2 Audi A8 with the main focus being on the fuse box. The informat...12/25/2016
Air conditioning hoseAudi D2 A8 Pre-2000 Sizes of nuts attaching air conditioning hoses to radiator areaThis article discusses the nuts that attach the flexible air conditioning hoses to the steel attachment points...01/30/2017
Cigarette lighter componentAudi D2 A8 Cigarette LighterThis article discusses the cigarette lighter for the C5 A6 & S8, and the D2 Audi A8 & S8 (2000-2003) with the...08/19/2020
Coolant hoseAudi D2 A8 Upper Radiator Coolant HoseThis article discusses the upper radiator coolant hose for the D2 Audi A8 (1997 through 2002) with the main fo...02/17/2017
Dashboard trimAudi D2 A8 Wooden climate control radio surround dashboard trim differences pre and post face lift.This article discusses the dashboard trim for the D2 A8 & S8 2000 on with the main focus being on the wooden c...09/01/2020
Directional indicator/emergency flasher relayAudi D2 A8 Turn Signals not Working at AllThis article discusses the turn signal relay for the D2 Audi A8 (1997 through 2002) with the main focus being...02/23/2017
Engine and ancillariesAudi D2 A8 Spark Plug Removal and ReplacementThis article discusses our internal notes for removing and replacing the spark plugs on an Audi D2 A8 or S8. T...08/21/2018
Fender plastic splash guardAudi D2 A8 Front Fender Plastic Splash GuardsThis article discusses the front fender plastic splash guards a.k.a. wheelhouse liner for the D2 Audi A8 (1997...03/03/2019
Fuel rail with injectors and fuel pressure regulatorAudi D2 A8 Fuel Rail Safety MeasureThis article discusses the fuel rail for the D2 Audi A8 (1997 through 2002) with the main focus being on depre...12/25/2016
Fuse holderAudi D2 A8 Secondary Air Injection Fuse HolderThis article discusses the fuse holder for the 40 amp fuse in the relay box in the passenger footwell of a D2...02/17/2017
Mechanical cooling fan bearingAudi D2 A8 Mechanical Fan BearingThis article discusses the mechanical cooling fan bearing for the D2 Audi A8 (1997 through 2002) with the main...11/16/2018
Stereo sound system / radio main unitAudi D2 A8 Symphony Sound System (Stereo unit, Radio) Interchangeability with C5 A6This article discusses the Audi Symphony stereo unit for the 2000-and-on D2 Audi A8 with the main focus being...04/01/2017
Strut tower braceAudi D2 A8 Strut Tower BraceThis article discusses strut tower brace for the D2 Audi A8 (2000 through 2002). If you`re not here for the te...11/12/2018
Timing belt tensionerAudi D2 A8 4.2 V8 Timing Belt Tensioner VersionsWhile buying a timing belt replacement kit from Blauparts, we learned that they are commendably adamant that w...04/13/2017
Transmission oil panAudi D2 A8 Transmission Detergent AdditivesThis article discusses the transmission oil pan for the D2 Audi A8 (1997 through 2002) with the main focus bei...03/19/2017
Transmission shift cableAudi D2 A8 Transmission shift cable variationsThis article discusses the transmission shift cable for the D2 A8 & S8 2000 and on with the main focus being o...09/01/2020
Valve coverAudi D2 A8 4.2 V8 Valve Cover ReplacementI’ve just done the driver side valve cover gasket on my pre-2000 Audi D2 A8 with engine code ABZ Basically, I...06/02/2019
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